Creative Wisdom: Baby Steps

September 25, 2012

Today’s creative baby step – find another pile or mess that is in the way of your creative space and clean it out.

While you are there take a peek at a few materials, play with them, put them together, take a few pictures of your options.

 You might find that this opens a few windows to an idea. Or perhaps the floodgate opens and you just can’t stop… flow with it!

So how has it been going this month? I hope you’ve been gently nudged into that creative place in your soul. I’ve done a little bit here, a little bit there… nothing dramatic. My studio is still half buried in piles of junk. But – half of it is useable again. That’s a good thing. I didn’t get any great works of art done, but I’m close to getting back into that creative place – where before the door was shut. I was burned out. I’m working on it.

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