For Your Inspiration: La Connor and the Seattle Watershed

November 30, 2012

Recently I was lucky enough to be teaching in the Seattle area and had a little bit of free time to explore the area. Might I just say, right now, that I am completely SMITTEN with Seattle? It has beautiful mountains, beautiful water, beautiful vegetation – and the people are absolutely delightful.

Barbara, Patsy and I spent half a day north of the area in La Connor at the Quilt and Textile Museum. Wonderful art, charming town, fun shopping and I saw flocks of swans and snow geese in the empty tulip fields. (Couldn’t get a really good picture of them.)

Another day my dear sister Amber  drove up from the Portland area and joined Trish and I for an adventurous morning  in the North Bend area. We stopped by Snoqualmie Falls for a quick moment of wonder and awe (and snow flurries).





Yes – it is wet in Seattle. I don’t think it would be my favorite place to live permanently but I can’t wait until I get to back again!




One of the most wonderful experiences was visiting the rain drum garden next to the visitor center at Rattlesnake Lake. A lovely garden area has various drums situated in the landscape. Water dripping from hidden pipes sounds various rhythms. With the gentle rain as accompaniment we were enchanted. I recommend clicking over to this YouTube video to hear what it sounds like.

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    December 3, 2012 at 2:52 am

    I am so glad you enjoyed your visit to the Seattle area. I was born and raised in a small town south of LaConner, but we go there every Christmas season to shop and have chowder. Really, it doesn’t rain all the time in Seattle – just October through June. 🙂 I now live in the south eastern part of the state where we might get 6 ” of precip and that is usually snow. I actually miss the rain. Snoqualmie Falls was always a place of refuge for my Mom. In the winter, when she would need to get out of the house, we would make cocoa and bundle up for a “drive”. Up to the Falls, race around until our lips were blue and then sit in the car with cocoa.

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    Mary Ann
    December 1, 2012 at 2:15 pm

    As per an earlier blog post Treasures of the Gypsy can be found on Facebook –

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