Artist Spotlight: Lisa Engelbrecht

December 12, 2012

Hello Friends, I’d like to introduce you to another of my favorite artists, Lisa Engelbrecht. Several years ago I was doing an open studio demonstration (or was it a sampler – I can’t remember) and the Lovely Lisa was at a table nearby doing some amazing calligraphy on cloth. An admission here: I have always loved, loved, LOVED beautiful lettering. I love everything about language (I am an English Lit. major after all) and creating visual beauty out of beautiful language – it’s just poetic. I’ve followed her work ever since and am so pleased to be able to spotlight her her. So – ON to the interview!

Lyric: What is your favorite medium and why?

Lisa: Right now it has to be paint of all kinds-acrylic on paper and on fabric. I just love mark making and really have moved away from straight readable calligraphy. I feel as though I am journaling on the page, making writing that only I know what it says!

Lyric: Why do you work with textiles?

Lisa: Oh, I didn’t want to write on a big piece of paper for a final project in my calligraphy class so I asked if I could write on fabric-fortunately my teacher said yes and I found I loved it-and began teaching others how to do this

Lyric: What is it about lettering?

Lisa: I clearly remember a neighbor friend when I was about 7 or 8 showed me a piece of Eucalyptus Bark she had written on and put a flower next to the writing. The writing was cute and curly and I decided-yes! That’s what I want to do. I started playing with my letters then and there-using just a ballpoint pen and making circles over my ‘I’s and writing on a ruler. I love the idea that I can convey my words or someone else way more eloquent than me’s words  in a beautiful way that might bring even more meaning to the words- a real direct communication between the viewer and I.

Lyric: How did you become an artist – did you always know what you wanted to do?

Lisa: I only know that I chafed under the rules of traditional calligraphy-this could be related to my own psychology but originally I wanted to please everyone ( teachers) with my technical skills-but really really wanted to bust loose. I found my voice once I did go my own way but it was scary and I know even now traditional calligraphers aren’t too pleased with my message-that really anyone can do calligraphy! I find even today that when I go with my gut feelings on my art work Im much happier and others tend to like it too-I never tried to be a famous lettering artist and now I’m trying to put the emphasis on ‘artist ‘ in my work-kind of a hurdle for me-I want to be known for my art and not my crafty things.

Lyric: Desert island – what art thing would you bring?

Lisa: Favorite tool of all time has to be the parallel pen by Pilot. It is so versatile-besides having a cartridge inside so I don’t have to dip into ink I can dip it also into other colors and metallic powders .


I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Lisa Engelbrecht. She has a wonderful book available – I encourage you to go over to her website and take a look!

Modern Calligraphy: From Classic Calligraphy to Hip Hand-Lettering

DVD: Hand Lettering on Fabric
Bali Lantern Workshop available on Lisa’s website


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    December 12, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    I have Lisa’s book and I love love love it! I wanted to include text in my small quilts and was at a loss how to do so in an acceptable (to me) way. Her book has been instrumental in making that a more comfortable place to be and I’ve included verses on several angel pieces that I completed for a challenge. I especially like the way she honors the tradition of calligraphy yet fearlessly jumps into innovative and exciting graffiti techniques, untraditional tools, and fun lettering styles. Thank you, Lisa and especially thank you Lyric for all you do to promote innovation in fiber art!

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