Sandy’s Bit of Christmas Kindness

December 22, 2012

This in from Sandy Snowden – I thought you’d get a sweet chuckle from this.

Today was rolling out and cutting, then baking the sugar cookies and the gingerbread cookies. I will do the icing on them tomorrow. The photo also shows the biscuits I baked yesterday.

So, here is a funny story that goes with the baking.

The phone rings. It’s the Amazon delivery man (seemed funny to just say Amazon man…cause they were women, weren’t they?)
Will I be in to collect my parcel.
So, I thought, oh, I will give him some biscuits (yesterday’s Oatmeal Raisin – 1 and Russion Tea cakes – 2 on a plate).

So when he arrives and says you must be baking. I give him the biscuits. He was shocked – pleasantly.
‘Thanks! I wasn’t expecting this.’

‘That’s the point!’

I take the 2 parcels and check the address on the top. Yep, that’s the books I ordered for people for Christmas.
Please, would I put my fingerprint on this gadget to show I got the parcels? I never had that before, only please sign.

Then I looked at my fingers.

He looked at my fingers.

No print to be seen due to gingerbread dough and flour covering them. So, I tried. but the gadget couldn’t see my fingerprint either. Eventually he clicked something and then scribbled in it himself.

‘Thanks so much for this!’He said mouth full of biscuit as he went down the path.

I put the parcels to the side to open when the dough has been washed off.

Two minutes later the phone rings.

It is the Amazon delivery man.

‘Um, I gave you the wrong parcel.’

? ?

So, he comes back, swaps the parcel which my husband had ordered with the bottom one which was for someone in a nearby road.

He still has the paper plate in his hand…with one Russian Tea cake.
‘Can I swap this one for one of the whole wheat ones?’


You know the darker ones.

‘You are a bit cheeky aren’t you?’ off I go to get an Oatmeal cookie and take the white one back.

‘How long have you been baking?’
……..long silence while I work out a reply. ‘Well, I learned how to when I was little, but I have been baking the last couple days and I am doing some more tomorrow.’

‘Oh, are you having all the family around then?’
(I must add at this point that he was not from a background where he would have been used to Christmas baking being part of the holiday celebration. Which is why all the curious questions.)

I laugh. ‘No, not really. I just bake alot of biscuits and then find people to give them to.’ This is true.

His eyes go wide. ‘Wow, you are really generous!’

‘Thank you.’

I have another parcel coming tomorrow. Wonder if he will be on this route again

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    January 6, 2013 at 7:10 pm

    I LOVE!!!!! Let me know if you have another visit 🙂 LOL

  • Reply
    Penelope Globe
    December 23, 2012 at 1:24 pm

    Quite the story. Cheers!

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