Creative Wisdom: Don’t hold yourself back

March 15, 2013

lean-in_custom-575cb1cc7e2e0e704abfffbc2a0ce498dafad0f8-s2I heard an interview with Sheryl Sandberg on the Diane Rheme show today and something she said caught my ear. She is the chief operating officer of Facebook and the author of a new book titled, Lean In. I don’t think I have time to read it, and thus have no opinion about the book, but the interview was interesting.

She mentioned hearing a lecture that fascinated her, about feeling like a fraud. I know I’ve felt that way – as though someone is going to come to me and say, “you really aren’t an artist – what do you think you’re doing trying to teach people!?”

She told one of her male friends about it and he replied “why would you find that interesting?” It occurred to her than men, by and large, don’t feel that way. Even when they are inadequate they would not admit it and do not tend to devalue themselves.

There were other anecdotes about how men appear to have enough hubris to reach out and grab that next promotion or bill the client for time spent in the shower because they were multitasking … and how women don’t do those things. We feel guilty instead.

LMK textile artistSo. I happened to be listening to the interview on my way home from taking down my gallery show. I had this sign from the show in the car with me and am not sure what I planned to do with it. I decided to give myself a little reminder. The sign is hanging over my studio door. It’s a reminder.

Make one for yourself!

Hang it up where you can see it and
Believe it!
Become it!

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    March 15, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    I saw the interview with Sheryl Sandberg on 60 Minutes last Sunday. It made me think that there is a shift (my favorite word) taking place right now, and it is everywhere. That’s because women ARE everywhere, in every part of the work force, the studio, the lab, the corner office, the home. It is no small push that you, a published author, galleried artist, mother of five, teacher of many, should encourage us all to hang our own sign, not just to tell the world, but to remind ourselves as well, who we are. Take care, Byrd

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