Doing the Work: Figure Drawing

March 11, 2013


Remember way back in 2011 when I wanted to work on drawing faces? They were so hard to draw so I had always avoided sketching them. It was time to take my own medicine and just do the work. I did a quick sketch of a face every day.

Some of the results were pretty good, at least better than at the beginning.

About midway through last year I started regularly attending a life drawing session at a local gallery. Models are hired to to pose (nude) and artists come and draw or paint. I’m definitely the beginner in the group but everyone is very friendly and encouraging. I was quite nervous at first – thinking it would feel pretty weird to draw naked people. It totally isn’t.

IMG_2677The first hour or so is filled with one, five, and ten minute poses. These are still my favorites – just warm ups. For some reason I’m able to get proportions down much better when I’m just scribbling away as fast as I can.

IMG_2618The next hour has a few fifteen or twenty minute poses.

IMG_2608Then there is at least one 40-60 minute pose with a break in the middle. I’m still frustrated with these but it’s a good thing. It shows I need to keep practicing. I have a wonderfully long way to go but am enjoying every step of the process. The sketch above is still one of the short poses – the long pose sketches are too naked and detailed. I’m choosing to keep the photos I post very G-rated because my children see the blog all the time. Yes, I know there is nothing wrong with a naked body and teach my children how beautiful our bodies are… but we need to respect them. Personally, I think that means being modest in public. 🙂 Well – off to another afternoon with my sketchbook and pens!

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    Kathleen Wilson
    March 12, 2013 at 5:52 pm

    Lyric – You are the 2nd person this month that has posted this type of work on their blog. The good Lord must be sending me a message. I can’t draw unless the picture is upside down. You reacon’ the model could hang from the ceiling? Maybe I will try a course that is offered at my local art store. Thanks for sharing.

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    March 12, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    Oh man – does this message strike a nerve! I have never fallen into the zone like I did when I took a studio class at the School Of Visual Arts. It was the most relaxing, spirit releasing time of my life. Mind you, we were buying our first house at the time and I think this class got me through the stress of it all. I thought I would be uncomfortable with the nude sketches, but I learned so much about proportion, scale and depth and I truly appreciate what those models taught me. Everybody should do this – thanks for the memory Lyric! Take care, Byrd

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