Lyric’s Lyricisms: the discipline of play

May 2, 2013

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The price of excellence is discipline. The cost of mediocrity is disappointment.
~William Arthur Ward~

It’s spring here – sort of. The daffodils are almost done blooming but the temperatures haven’t warmed up enough for the farmers in the area to put seeds in the ground. They are a full two weeks behind schedule. I seem to run that way most of the time – a full two weeks behind schedule when it comes to the artwork I want to make for myself. If there is a deadline involved however, I manage to get things done, even if I do run it up to the very last minute. I need to learn some discipline. I want to be able to get things done for myself with no deadline at all.

This month I am going to try out a time honored method known by mothers everywhere – the star chart. I’l give myself a star for each 15 minutes of productive studio time and figure out a reward at the end of each week. Because I know how crazy my calendar is, 15 minutes is a realistic and achievable daily goal.

What achievable daily goal will help you gain the discipline your art most needs?

Almost all creativity involves purposeful play.
~Abraham Maslow~

Even with discipline involved, I’ll start each studio session with play time. A doodled sketch, some random piecework, little compositional studies. Even when all you have is 15  minutes it is vitally important to play. Taking a few minutes to set parameters and explore an idea can open up some very wonderful creative pathways in your brain. Athletes know that a warm-up gets your body ready for a peak performance, waking and warming up muscles that have been at rest, getting them ready for the work ahead. A warm up for your creative muscles will help you reach a peak performance with your artwork.

What is your favorite creative warm up?


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