Sketchbook: kids at work

July 11, 2013

I haven’t posted any sketches for ages. Doesn’t mean I haven’t done any although my sketchbook does get pulled out less frequently these days. These are very quick, scribbled drawings of kids who don’t hold still. It’s a great exercise in gesture drawing. Here is a post explaining more about what that is.

IMG_3620I volunteer in my little guy’s classroom once in a while. The kids come through for centers and when they are with me they are supposed to be doing language skills exercises.


My main job is to try to keep these squirrelly little kids on task doing something most of them don’t want to do. IMG_3611So I figured out that if I pull out my sketchbook and draw they get really, really interested. They all want me to draw them so I tell them I’ll draw them only while they are working. It worked. Mostly.

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    Sandy Snowden
    July 11, 2013 at 10:35 am

    Love the last word…mostly. I worked for several years as a learning support assistant. I know what you mean.
    one of my favourite sayings from one of the kids: I show him letters of the alphabet and he is meant to tell me what they are… ‘I know this one!!! Is it one of the Abcd’s?’
    um, yes.
    Wish I had been able to find something like that to work for the kids I worked with.
    Sandy in the UK

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