Teaching: Colonial Quilt Lovers in Hertford, NC

July 16, 2013

photo 1-2

The drive from the Raleigh area to Hertford, NC is straight east and full of what I call “The Great Green Tunnel.” All of the south is full of beautiful green trees wherever you don’t mow or pave.

So I love being out on the road where you can see some of the sky. Even the rainy skies are beautiful.

Rain can’t dampen spirits when you get to spend time playing with creative women like the crew at the Colonial Quilt Lovers. The first prints with their own unique hand carved stamp always bring out the “oooohs and aaaaahs” and of course the smiles!

photo 1
photo 2

I’ll be teaching some of the same techniques in my on-line class Playing With Paint starting this Friday at QuiltUniversity.com. There is still plenty of time to sign up and find supplies. You can jump in and start the class any time over the next seven weeks.

photo 3-2

Here is the view of the river out the back window where we held class. It is always worth the trouble of preparing and packing and schlepping in order to be with such wonderful women. Quilters are the NICEST people to work with.

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