Teaching: Surface Design Sampler Platter

July 3, 2013

I’m gearing up to teach my favorite class in a couple of weeks over on the NC coast in Hertford/ Elizabeth City. Time to do a quick inventory and figure out what I need to order.


Surface Design Sampler Platter¬†teaches a whole bunch of different techniques in one day. I call it “drinking from a fire hose!” You get a little taste of each technique without needing to purchase a load of supplies (I bring everything for my students!) That way you can choose which thing you want to invest in when you get home.



You can see a little of this class in action at Colleen’s lovely blog here!

You can also check out my teaching schedule to see if I’ll be teaching this anywhere near you. Scroll down one post to see that I’ll be teaching it this fall at the Once In a Blue Moon Retreat in Blowing Rock, NC. (I’m very excited!)

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