book review and giveaway: the adventures of the amazing alphabet

January 28, 2014

Today I have a book review and giveaway for you.

The delightful Pam Holland is another Australian quilter that I had the pleasure to meet last October at the International Quilt Festival. I love her work, especially her quirky visual sensibilities. She travels extensively – and photographs what she travels extensively.


The Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet is a quirky sort of book. It is sort of a children’s book and sort of a quilters book. She wrote it bit by bit on airplanes as she travelled, thinking of her grandchildren.  It’s about a little girl who discovers alphabet people down in the basement and fights the magpies to get their heads back.


It’s odd. Disjointed. Just a tiny bit scary. Sometimes I don’t quite get it. I love it.


The second half of the book has each character in color then black and white so that you can use a lightbox to trace the figures onto cloth, color them in with fabric markers, and stitch them up into your own alphabet quilt.


So – I have a copy of the book to give away. Pam dedicated to “A.” (the letter).

I’ll choose a winner from those who comment here. As I have loved children’s illustrated books since long before I had children why don’t you tell me some of your favorites.

Don Wood, David Weisner, Mark Teague, and Chris Van Allsburg are some of my favorites. I love things with just a hint of danger, weirdness, or mystery. It’s OK for kids to be just a little unsettled by what they see in a book – it helps spark the imagination and  great questions that arise as a result. 

If you don’t want to wait for the giveaway you can buy the book from Pam’s website if you are in Australia or buy the book in the states from E-Quilter

And congratulations to Marlaine who won Lisa Walton’s book from this giveaway.

Autumn Adams is the lucky winner of this giveaway! Thanks to everyone who left a comment!

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