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June 11, 2014

photoHere is the beginnings for a beaded piece I started as a sample for my class Picture It Framed. I like it.s It’s nice and hot like the weather outside right now.

Yesterday I started monkeying around with my website – trying to figure out how to boost my ratings with google so my Thermofax shop shows up AT ALL. Before I remade my website it always was one of the top two or three links when you searched Thermofax anything. Now it’s entirely gone. Sigh. I’ll work on figuring that out when I get back from my oldest daughter’s wedding.

circles_and_dotsThen I mysteriously broke most of my paypal buttons. My web designer is a hero and found the solution in a very buried, very hidden and tiny checkbox that got unchecked in the last update. She’s a genius.

I’ve just pulled a bunch of cloth out of the dye bath and hopefully tomorrow will make my mother-of-the-bride dress. The bottom layer is a sheer striped skirt. I think I’ll print the top layer with this thermofax screen. Just for fun.

And then I’m going to have a little fun and shop Interweave’s Hurt Book Sale. (Bwa Ha Ha Ha!!!) Free shipping on US orders over $30. I’m all over that.

Shop the Hurt Book Sale at Interweave Store

What are you doing today?


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