teaching: getting ready to go

August 15, 2014

Getting ready to teach in Grand Rapids for the American Quilters Society QUILT WEEK. Here is a little peek into the work it takes to teach at a show like this. I’ll be teaching four classes, giving one lecture and one demonstration. And I’ve been prepping and packing all week. The only class with space still available is Photos on Fabric next Wednesday although the lecture will have plenty of space if you want to just drop by.IMG_3292

1-print out handouts (run and get more ink for printer)
2-remember which supply list students have (did I update it?)
3-print transfer paper and images for citra-solv method
4-call ahead and see if my usual store has citra-solv on the shelf
5-call four other stores while trying not to panic and wondering how much overnight shipping costs
6-remind myself to pull together supplies further ahead of time on the way to the store that HAS IT THANK GOODNESS!
7-stay up very, very, late making kits as the day was spent with children who are not quite back in school yet
8-spend several hours gathering supplie
9-go through sample binder and reorganize it because I didn’t after the last time I taught this
10-wonder how I’m going to find suitcase room for the three other classes I’m teaching
11-the list goes on but I’m too brain dead right now to remember other things… and I still have three classes to pack for.

wish me luck!

I always end up muttering “I don’t get paid enough to do this” under my breath as I’m packing. Once I’m in the room with students though? I feel like shouting “I can’t believe I get paid to do this!!!!!” Because I love the students, and love seeing people do creative things, it’s worth it.

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