behind the scenes: the schedule

October 6, 2014

Two weeks ahead: Make lots and lots of step-outs and samples. Write and re-write outlines and make lists.kinard_beaded_face

Saturday: Clear off design wall and accumulated detritus in studio corners. Rearrange everything on shelves in case they end up in the sight lines of the filming.

Monday: Move lots of furniture. Pick my producer, the fabulous and talented Bonnie McCaffery from the airport. Set up equipment in the studio. Sound and lighting tests. Choose backdrops for first video. Homework with kids when they come home. Make dinner. Take Bonnie to grocery store then hotel. Feel guilty for forgetting little guy’s hockey game. Stay up late gathering and organizing materials for first shoot.bonnie_lyric_lyric_art_studios4

Tuesday: Get up early and dither about what to wear. Iron all the options. Sound and mike check. Make-up. Shoot video. Make lunch. Shoot video. Short break. Shoot add/promo. Homework with kids, pick up kid from band practice, make dinner. Take Bonnie back to hotel. Stay up late gathering and organizing materials for second shoot.

Wednesday: Repeat – without the dithering about what to wear this time. Spent the whole day trying to shoot in between neighbors mowers and leaf blowing noise. Made great time so set up for third video which involves moving more furniture. Body aches so we catch an evening yoga class. Stay up late gathering supplies for last video.bonnie_lyric_lyric_art_studios1

Thursday: Repeat. Wrap by early afternoon. Feet hurt. Tired. Happy!bonnie_lyric_lyric_art_studios2

Friday: Very early flight out. Come home and catch up on some email. Realize I am brain dead and take a nap. Spend afternoon trying to film a couple of quick tutorials while my equipment is still set up. Madly rush to get everything cleared out and put back together before company arrives in the evening.

I think all that I’m going to put on my upcoming schedule now is SLEEP!

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