For the Love of Libby Lehman

October 30, 2014

Do you have a story about Libby Lehman to share? I do. It is one of the many reasons I want to get raise a minimum of $5k to bid on, then raffle off my own quilt in the Inspired By Libby fundraiser. 30 quilts that were inspired by Libby are up for auction for the next 6 days. ALL funds will go directly towards Libby’s medical expenses as she recovers from a debilitating stroke. The quilts are currently on display at the International Quilt Festival in Houston and will also be displayed next April at the AQS show in Paduchah, KY.libby_looking_at_quilts

CHANGE OF PLANS! I will bid on and raffle off as many of the quilts as I can – only those that have no bids at the end of the auction. Right now there are 12 beautiful quilts that have no bids. The minimum bid is $1,000. Wouldn’t it be absolutely AMAZING if we were able to raise at least $12K? I’m betting we can do it!

$925 has been donated so far – there is still a long way to go! Share your story and donate here!


Thank You! A total of $70,324.00 was raised in this auction! $3,525.00 was your doing!

Every donation gets a name in the bucket for a chance to win a quilt. I don’t care how big or small your donation is.

So here is my Libby story – and the beginning of why I want to do this for her.1805_libbytp

I was teaching at a large conference and she overheard me trying to figure out how on earth I was going to get packed down from my most intensive 6hr class, move 100lbs worth of supplies four blocks, get set up for another class, and find dinner, without transportation and in ONE HOUR. (Please never do this to a teacher you hire!) Guess who showed up at the end of my class with a car and with dinner! She didn’t know me, we hadn’t even formally met. But Libby has a huge heart! It didn’t occur to me until later that she must have left her own class earlier than usual to find dinner, drive over and help me. 

You know how you wish you could be like people? There are many situations where I think to myself – if I were Libby Lehman, what would I do? And then I do it because it’s always the right choice.

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