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November 1, 2014

The grandmother of all art quilters – Yvonne Porcella has a story about Libby. 
Head Trip_Yvonne_PorcellaHead Trip by Yvonne Porcella

When you are done here – go to her site. Yvonne too, is a wave-maker. I think her name and am filled with joy and love. She is the founder of the Studio Art Quilt Associates. 

yvonne porcella

“I’ve traveled with Libby and judged shows with her. She was the fastest to say ‘release’ during the viewing process. We all know Libby was a world traveler with a passport full of exotic destinations. On our way to teach in Calgary Canada at immigration, I watched the agent look at Libby and say- ” Libby, hello come right in”. My fondest memories of Libby were when we were on faculty in Houston. Libby would greet us – Do you need anything? I can bring it to you tomorrow, wine, art supplies, comfort food? Always Libby to the rescue. It me she is the Real Texas Star! Quilt is a modified center medallion with Log Cabin set.”

Yvonne P a mainIf you haven’t donated yet – Please do. Every dollar counts.
We are up to $2, 370.00 which means I will bid on and give away TWO quilts. My goal is $5k.


Thank You! A total of $70,324.00 was raised in this auction! $3,525.00 was your doing!

If you have donated could you share these posts? I hadn’t realized (because I simply miss details – all the time!) that my little “share” buttons were no longer showing up on my blog. They’ve probably been gone since the new website went up and I hadn’t even noticed. 🙂 Well… now they are up and you can just click to share. It helps. Every time someone shares on FB about four donations come in. Little by little we are getting there.

Click through and scroll down to read my other blog posts about this fundraiser and how it works. I’m going right now to order more archival ink for my fancy printer. I’m going to be spending a few days making prints and addressing envelopes for all of those who donated $25 or more. You all are SO generous! I keep thinking – her I am spending a week on this – but Libby has worked hard every day just to function. How blessed we are. 

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