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November 3, 2014

Now I have a conundrum. Someone bid on my quilt. I’m a little shocked as I was sure nobody would.

Sarah V a main

spirals of Life by SarahVedeler

There are still nine beautiful quilts without bids. These are my favorites.

Margaret M a main

Carnival for Libby by Margaret Miller

The way to raise the most money for Libby’s expenses would be to only bid on quilts that have no bids rather than to bid on and give away my own quilt.

Exuberance by Susan Stewart

Exuberance by Susan Stewart

Take a look at the other quilts still available and let me know what you think.

Tangerine Triangle Tango by Wendy Butler Berns

Tangerine Triangle Tango by Wendy Butler Berns

You’ve donated $2,9575 so far. I STILL want to get to $5,000.
Would you be willing to donate if you haven’t yet? Would you share this post with your friends?
Libby is worth helping!


Thank You! A total of $70,324.00 was raised in this auction! $3,525.00 was your doing!

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