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December 8, 2014

I love the sound of deadlines – that whooshing noise as they fly right past! This was supposed to go up last week and I totally missed it. Ah well. Brace yourself. This post is messy.

Because I was invited several times and thought I might as well share the joy – here we are again! This time it was Emily Parson that invited me. Go check out her work! If you’re a knitter you will especially love her stuff.kinard_studio_disaster

So what am I working on right now? Mostly on my submissions for teaching next year at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. I’ve got a few days left to make new samples and reformulate my class offerings because at IQF they ONLY want NEW classes. Just for Houston I’m renaming “Bead It Like You Mean It” to “Beaded Blooming Beauties” or “Beautiful Beaded Blooms” or “Blooming Beaded Beauties.” What’s your preference?


How does my work differ from others of its genre? I’m going to tell you a little bit about my teaching instead of my art. I teach mostly quilters. Quilters make stuff. When quilters take classes they usually make things. The teacher will bring a pattern and show people how to do it using her techniques. Nothing wrong with that at all. So this giant pile of unfinished tops, not put away tech equipment and art, and a bag full of chocolate christmas gifts is going to have to wait until I rework my class descriptions for IQF. IMG_6353

Why do I write/create teach what I do? I don’t have the attention span for making other people’s stuff and I REALLY want my students to focus on techniques that they can use to create their own original work. And when I really think about it – I want to teach my students how to use their eyes and creative minds in their own unique way. Here is another unfinished work, a quilt still in in box that I haven’t taken time to open, and stacks of paperwork I need to do. Also unfinished costumes for the elementary school play that need to get done. Like, tomorrow.

How does my writing/creating/teaching process work? Usually I scramble around trying to remember which deadlines are up next. Like sending in the high quality photo of this quilt for publication after being reminded that it was late. And then realizing it was one of the photos lost in a computer crash last month, taking an hour to set up and photograph again. Sigh. While the halloween costume parts are still waiting to either be put away again until next year or sewn up. Urg…. so much to do!!!

Now back to art – the next link in the blog hop will go out to  Sally Westcott of Hobart, Tasmania. I just checked in with her blog and FELL IN LOVE with her current bird paintings. AAHHHHH! She makes me hire a dumpster, shovel out my studio and just play with paint for a while.

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