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January 9, 2015

welcome 2015

I enjoy taking the cold, cold days of early January (yes, I know how ridiculous it is to say North Carolina is cold compared to most of you) to burrow down into my own comfortable den and hibernate think.

What do I want? What do I wish?

This year I want less.FullSizeRender

Less travel.
Less deadlines.
Less pressure.
Less wasted time on the computer.

IMG_7388So that I can have more.

More time to make art.
More time to read a book.
More time relax with my family.
More time to get enough sleep.

An acquaintance said to me last night “Lyric, you are the busiest person I know.” I smiled and laughed but really I wanted to cry a little. It’s time to get things back in balance. See that stack of books? That’s just a small portion of the books I bought this year and haven’t read. Some I still need to review for you here. Time to stop buying and time to start reading.

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