Travels: art in Paris, the Orangerie

June 14, 2015

The Orangerie used to house Orange trees for the nobility, now it houses Monet’s Water Lillies. 

image image

And other Impressionist art. Sorry, not a fan of Picasso, but love Utrillo. There was one woman, Marie Laurencin, represented and wouldn’t you know it, her bio talked about the passionate affair she had with another artist and just a little about the progression of her artwork. Don’t remember any of the other bios talking about their sex life.



Chiam Soutine was new to me. All of his work was wavy and distorted, which I liked in this piece (that just begged for a wonky photo) but not in his portraits or still lives of butchered cattle.



There was also a special temporary exhibit of Adolfo Wildt sculptures and other artwork such as sketches and paintings. I loved most of his work. Look home up. No photos allowed there.

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