Travels: Paris day 1

June 12, 2015

It is such magic to find yourself in another country, another continent, another culture. Paris is timeless and ancient but new to me. I met my daughter Avia today at the end of her study abroad program. She was kind enough to meet me at the airport and guide me through the transport system then through the maze of courtyards and doors and up flights and flights of stairs to our lovely little Air BnB apartment for the week.


We rested and refueled and set of for an adventure in spite of our exhaustion. She had stayed up late saying goodby to her study group and (inspire of a seat upgrade) I hadn’t slept on the flight. No matter. 

First stop top was the grande Notre Dame cathedral. The stained glass windows were enchanting and the architecture soaring. image

A Green Man in a catholic cathedral? Perhaps it is time to look up some history and download some audio tours. Perhaps in a few days we will climb the towers.

As is always the case, my favorite stop of the day was serendipitous. We were wandering and looking for Shakespeare & Co., a book shop Avia wanted to revisit. We found it eventually and it was an hour well spent in this maze/warren of a book lovers dream. My favorite part was the floor with its bits and inlaid pieces from here and there and then and now.


The magic happened with a wrong turn and a glance and a smile. A shop with delightful toys and ornaments hanging from the ceiling fought our eye and we wandered in. Row upon row of tiny music boxes, the kind with a drum, pins, and crank. We cranked and listened and sand and hummed. Right along with the proprietress who was wonderfully friendly. It was my first chance to hear Avia  speak this beautiful language. 


Next some more more wandering and a quick stop in a market. A picnic on the (mangy) grass near this tomb/tower/memorial.


Then off for a very early night. And then of course some middle so the night, jet lagged blogging.


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