travel: paris – le petit musée du chocolat

July 22, 2015

When you have your eyes open and aren’t glued to a map, or in a hurry to get somewhere, or if you get lost, you find amazing things. IMG_4718

This is straight down the hill from Sacre Ceaur, a big Basilica on a hill in Paris. Two of my favorite things. Chocolate and a Museum. I had read about this place in a guidebook or on a blog somewhere but it wasn’t high enough on the list to seek out. Running into it in passing was a very delightful accident.


This is just the shop. Crystal chandeliers (and a guy on a ladder polishing them by hand.) And loads and loads of chocolate. 


We didn’t go downstairs through the museum. It was our last day on our trip and we were winding down. Didn’t want to pay the fee. And – there was enough amazing stuff upstairs to keep us happy for a quick run through. I have a brother who drives a mini, and builds model ships. Guess who this picture made me think of.




Just so you can compare and see how amazing the detail on this sculpture really was…



This, of course, was my very favorite. I don’t like scary (no horror films for me!) but I do love things a little weird sometimes and gargoyles are just… cool. Especially when made of chocolate!


Yes, we bought chocolate. It was good. We brought some home for family. I am very pleased to say that I live in an area of the country where I can find food, and chocolate, just as good as I found in Paris. Rarely as beautifully presented – but not everyplace can be Paris!

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    Laurie Crino
    July 31, 2015 at 9:27 am

    It’s a joy to feel your enthusiasm and perspective via your travel blog – and inspiring to see how you have captured the essence of Paris, prompting me to revisit my own Barcelona photos for a journey of remembrance and art inspiration… they also have a little chocolate museum that is a marvel. And that photo of the cookie shop with all the beautiful tins and perfectly arranged bins of cookies reminded me of 1880 Cookie/Pastry shop in Barcelona. Same idea, and as you said, presentation makes it all irresistible! With deep appreciation for your blog, tutorials and newsletter! You make us want to create beautiful things… all due to your generous encouragement and expertise-sharing to keep us moving!

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