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July 17, 2015

One of our favorite things in Paris was to hunt down any sort of treat that was recommended to us. We were told of a great gelato (ice cream) shop in Isle de la Cite’. We found a place, bought a really expensive tiny scoop – and were not really impressed. paris_food19

Walking back along the tiny cobblestone road we found another place, with almost the same name, with a line of loud and rowdy American teenagers (and their loud and rowdy chaperones) and decided we definitely had room for another cone. Avia tried the Poire (pear) and it was truly delicious. Don’t remember what flavor I had. I do remember that we ended up trying Pear flavored gelato whenever we found it on the rest of the trip. This place was definitely better than the first! We ate this cone on the banks of the Seine river at sunset – before racing through the city to catch the twinkling of the Eiffel tower.


Another favorite, simply for the style, was the shop that turned each cone into a flower. This might be raspberry, basil-lime, and coconut. 


Another night we were thinking we couldn’t be in Paris and not visit a Fromagerie. (cheese!) This required a little more advanced planning as they keep French hours and close at lunch and in the evening. We were told this was THE best place and that we must try a desert cheese called Fontainebleau. (wow – I just googled the name of the cheese to make sure I was spelling it right and the Barthelemy Fromagerie came up on the list first thing!


It was great for a very light late dinner of baguette and fresh strawberries. It was sort of like a very, very light whipped ricotta – and my sincerest apologies to cheese experts. To us uneducated (in the world of cheese) Americans that is the closest I could come. Just the tiniest bit sweet – a perfect match to the tartness of the berry.


Another day we traveled to Maison Pradier to try what we were told were the BEST eclairs. The fun thing about traveling outside the tourist zones is that in Paris, there are no boring strip malls and monotonous suburbs. Every place is an adventure. This place was around the corner from Deroylle… scroll down if you missed this cabinet of curiosities. Every part of the trip was an adventure. I highly recommend that when you travel you TRY NEW THINGS!!!! Sure you can stop by a McDonalds almost anywhere in the world – (URG!) but why would you spend the big bucks to go someplace completely different and do something you can do every day at home. (again – URG!)

Of course, there really is no way to go wrong with the sweets in Paris. Have you been there? What was your favorite?

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