travels: paris, the louvre and funny faces

August 22, 2015

Another thing that caught my eye and became a wonderfully fun treasure hunt was funny faces. I had one of those halt in my tracks, turn back and try to keep myself from squealing moments when I chanced upon a set of Archimboldo paintings. Delighting in the wackiness of these portraits sent me off in another direction – finding funny faces. I wasn’t ignoring women here – there just weren’t any women making funny faces in the wings I wandered.FullSizeRender-1

Do me a favor – come up with some hilarious captions for these and I’ll add them to the post.


Cinq maitres de la Renaissance florentine


Autoportrait avec un ami (Self portrait with a friend by Raffaello Santi, de Raphael)


Portrait de deux jeunes hommes (portrait of two young men by anonymous vénitien painter)

“If you pretend you don’t smell anything, they won’t know it was you.”


La Seance de portrait (the portrait session by Gaspare Traversi)


David vainqueur de Goliath (David vanquishes Goliath by Guido Reni)

“Yep. All in a day’s work.”


Portrait d’un graveur en pierres fines (Portrait of a fine stone engraver by Jacopo Carrucci)

“Wait, who took the last cookie!”


Self Portrait by Jacques-Louis David

“The original duck-lip selfie!”

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