student work: once in a blue moon

October 8, 2015

Susan Brubaker Knap and I taught for three days at our Once in a Blue Moon retreat. Each student had a day and a half with one of us then switched. Susan taught photo realistic painting techniques and I taught abstract design principles. Opposite ends of the spectrum. These abstract designs might appear to be quite simple and perhaps they are. But each is completely unique, a new and hard-won idea. I think many of the students progressed far on their journey towards original design and abstract thought. Each worked hard to learn and understand the underlying principles of the visual language.

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    Carol McDowell
    October 8, 2015 at 8:05 am

    What fun this class must have been. I would love the abstract class as I am good at realistic but haven’t a clue on how to tackle abstract. I just checked out your etsy shop. Where do you get your notecards printed! Online? Local? If you do them yourself, where do you get the blank cards? They are lovely.

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