international quilt festival – coming up for air

November 3, 2015

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. There has been a lot of life happening. A LOT! On top of things at home I spent several weeks struggling to prepare to teach six classes, one lecture and two samplers at the International Quilt Festival. That’s a lot of kits to prepare, samples to make, merchandise to ship, and plans to make.thumb_IMG_7985_1024I have a million pictures I can share – and hope to find time to do so. But first I have to show you my pieces in the exhibits. It was SUCH an honor to have quilts included in this venue. The best of the best are here. Above you can see my piece in Affinity. The quality of this exhibit is truly breathtaking. More later.thumb_IMG_8119_1024These are my two entries in the “painted surface” category. The portrait was originally entered in the “people” category but the show moved it. Who knows why? I suppose it IS painted.

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