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January 30, 2017

It’s long past Christmas and the world has moved on, but I  thought I’d share a few links anyway. In 2015 I got a little carried away with origami stars… something that I’ve been toying with for a number of years. Stars symbolize several things to me… light in the darkness, wishes and hopes, and guidance toward goals.When it is very dark outside I love to look up and see that the sky is still there. Sometimes I can see a familiar constellation – sometimes it is just a twinkling smattering of light. When I can see the stars I can see beauty.

Here is a link to the blog post showing this star (my fall time favorite) in process along with a link to the video tutorial I followed.

Children wish on stars. (Anyone else singing like Jiminy Cricket here?) I have wishes and hopes and dreams. I choose to hope, to believe in good triumphing over evil. Perhaps it’s childish but it helps me through the days.
Here is a video tutorial in case you want to make this 8 part Robin Star.

Stars symbolize guidance and hopelessly out-of-reach goals that get you to an amazing place anyway. You never actually expect to reach the North Star when you follow it do you? yet you walk in it’s path and reach a mountaintop right?

This year I didn’t have time to make another tutorial although I met with a group of local women and I showed them how to make the five pointed star as a tree ornament. Here is a video tutorial in case you’d like to make your own. 

I decided that making an origami star was a great way to use the maps and tour guides from various trips. I’m not sure if this picture shows the Paris Subway star or the Mesa Verde, CO map star. Then – one day while I really should have done something else…. I went entirely overboard.

Kusudama Electra sphere designed by David Mitchell
The link leads to a video tutorial that isn’t in english but is very clear and slow – thank you “Easy Origami” for sharing your work.

I made the units for the red sphere here much by cutting each origami square into quarters so the finished star is much smaller than my first one. I admit that my stars are still up. I took down the garland and the Christmas tree quilt, but the stars bring my a spot of hope when I walk by them.

I see them and I wish for peace, and hope, and kindness. Then I go out and see what I can do to make it happen. My own North Star…….

What do you wish?

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