quilters at the beach: day 3

January 29, 2018

I only had half a day at the lovely Ocean Isle before I had to leave and go back to my full time job as mother to some really wonderful children. I had packed up the bin and the machines the night before and had some relaxing hand work to keep me busy.

The day began with some speedy catching up on work that needed to be ready for THAT DAY’S online lesson in my Bead It Like You Mean It class. It’s open for registration any time, affordable, and never closes. Go take a look.

The sun was out so we were all determined to take a beach walk that day. A serendipitous thing happened. The night before we were talking about sand dollars and wondered what they looked like alive, how they reproduced, and how they ate. I pulled up trusty Google and we watched a short video about them Sea Biscuits! I love them. 

Sure enough – our walk beach walk revealed not one, but TWO live Sand Dollars. How cool is that!? Plus one little baby sand dollar skeleton that I got to take home.

We learned they are Urchins. 

They can live on the shore and bury themselves in the sand. 

They eat by moving organisms into their central mouth with their thousands of legs.
And they spawn.

And what did I come home to? My sweet girl having her own sewing retreat in my studio. I think she’s amazing.


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