quilters at the beach: day two

January 27, 2018

Did I mention how much I live these women?

There is almost nothing more fun than staying up late and seeing all day with a bunch of quilters. At the beach.

This was a top I finished in 2015 while I was working as a “featured artist” at the Lake Norman Quilt Show. (A post about it here.) Then I sort of lost for a while. (Literally – I couldn’t find where I put it.) Fun dyed and screen printed work. With the recent studio move (I still need to show it off to you all!!!) I found it and added it to my work pile for day two of the beach trip.


I spent the morning in the laundry closet layering and fusing six small quilt tops (backing, misty fuse, wool batting, misty fuse, top) getting them ready for quilting. Took several breaks to wander out back and look at the Sound. North Carolina’s coast is a series of barrier islands. Really just rolling sand bars, some only a street and a dune wide, with wetlands between them and the coastline. The weather was sort of mysteriously foggy over the sound and the island. I thought it was stunningly beautiful.

Even the dead marsh grasses were fascinating. I loved watching the Heron out there – just perfectly still. Waiting for something to swim by.

The rest of the day was spent quilting and facing this piece.

Any suggestions for titles? Right now it is just XOX: III

I’m finding that this deep grape purple is really hard to photograph. It looks very wine red here. I’m OK if the title remains something simple. Since I’ve done at least two other quilts with this imagery I think it must be part of a series. It counts even if there are two or three years between each quilt?



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