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June 6, 2018

One of the really wonderful things about swimming in the pond I do (metaphorically speaking) is that I get to be friends with several fabric designers. When they have a new line coming out they have to provide samples for sales reps to show their work in action. The deadlines are usually impossible for one person alone to meet so the tribe steps in and shares the load…. or I should say we all PLAY together!


If you haven’t seen Melanie Testa’s latest line of fabric for RJR, you are in for a treat. I absolutely love her loose, organic designs. It makes me laugh just  bit because she works in such an incredibly precise and careful manner when she carves her printing blocks. She also always has purple and green, my favorite color combination.

Each day a different artist will be highlighted and RJR will be hosting a giveaway on it’s Instagram feed so be sure to follow them there.

Tiffany Hayes June 7
Deborah Boschert June 8
Sara Mika June 9
Lyric Kinard  June 10
Kathy York *  June 11
Teri Lucas June 11
Leslie Tucker Jenison * June 12
Heidi Kelly June 12
Jamie Fingal * June 13
Debby Brown https://www.debbybrownquilts.comJune 14
Susan Brubaker Knapp * June 14
Melanie Testa * June 16 @MelanieTestaArtist

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