An Artist’s Life: What’s on my Plate

October 17, 2018

One of my Favorite Books


Working on producing commercial patterns
(What would you name this little table topper?)


Hand written notes to voters campaigning for my favorite candidate.
(Because this election is make-or-break to end partisan and racial Gerrymandering in NC)


A little bit of this.


Another table topper pattern in the works.
(Also no idea what to name this!)
I’m taking a fabulous online course that is helping me learn how to create commercial patterns.


Getting ready to support these guys for weekend number 3 spent in Wilmington helping hurricane victims. I man the CleanUp crisis hotline. We are taking calls for Hurricane Michael and Florence.
If you know someone who needs help that volunteers can provide (trees, flood muck-out)
please have them call (800) 451-1954


Creating a Free PDF for people who sign up for my newsletter:
5 Essentials to Wake UP your Inner Artist


Lots of kit making for my upcoming teaching gig in Houston for the International Quilt Festival.
There is still room available in my Saturday class Screen Printing Made Easy!


Finding sample sewers to finish up some of the quilts for those upcoming commercial patterns.

Teaching Abstract-A-Licious online
Teaching (and writing) The Artist’s Toolbox online
Working on contracts for 2020: NSNG here I come!
Being Mom. Which is really first on the list.
And driving kids places. And driving some more.
And learning my new favorite song on my Ukulele.

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  • Reply
    Sheila Barnes
    October 17, 2018 at 11:46 pm

    The second table topper has flowers that remind me of thistles, especially as they are set with a somewhat Celtic design. So I was thinking Celtic Thistles.

  • Reply
    Lisa Gist Walker
    October 17, 2018 at 8:29 am

    Thank you, Lyric, for your work making North Carolina an even better place to live. Your recent works bring to mind intense connection and engagement; specifically, these two pieces make me think of deep conversations, illustrated. I don’t have concrete title suggestions but some grist for the mill and maybe inspiration: The first, green background, Talked ’til Tomorrow. The second, cream background, Grew to Listen.

    Up the road in Chapel Hill.

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