Craft Napa Retreat 2019 – the BEST EVER!

October 10, 2018

I’ve taught at a lot of quilt guilds, conferences, and retreats.
I love them all but hold a soft spot in my heart for

Craft Napa!

There is just a different energy there, so welcoming, energetic, and creative. I think that is something that can be attributed to it’s creator, Pokey Bolton. It seems everything she creates has an energy that just buzzes with enthusiasm and warmth.

Napa Valley California is an enchanting place that people travel to from all over. It’s wine country, it’s green, and it’s WARM in winter! Can’t beat that.

It also hosts a large group of artists for one week in January. Instructors inspire, students explore, and anyone can come by and shop Friday evening’s Artist’s Market. I’ll be there with my Start Your Art cards, small works, kits, and other fun stuff.

But best of all are the classes. I have to tell you, it’s a heady atmosphere being in the company of so many talented women. The venue is a beautiful hotel and the classes center around a communal courtyard. People gather there, people talk, people oooh and aaaah over all the student’s samples as they are laid out during the day. The hard thing about teaching there is that I want to be IN all the other classes too! I need a clone! Or five.


There is still space in both of my classes.
Won’t you join me?

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