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A Solo Show in the Making: the concept

January 14, 2019

So far – the proposal and the acceptance are done.
The space is mapped out.
The concept now needs to be solidified. 


I’m fascinated by the interactions between stone and water, two seemingly opposite entities. A solid and a liquid. Or are they both – both? Stone seems to be so permanent and unchanging while water is malleable and fluid and moves through different states of being from liquid to solid to gas in a comparative blink of the eye.

Yet when they come into contact, each has a dramatic effect on the other. Each changes the other. Sometimes quickly, sometimes gently over eons.

All this is in addition to the fact that I have four or five works already done in this series so that I can be well on my way. Each of the works are still interesting to me. I’m not bored with the ideas yet and have more questions to explore. That’s a good thing when you are working in a series.

You can see a lot of those works here.
The Mill Wheel Series



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