A Solo Show in the Making: the plan

January 17, 2019

My schedule is always full. Always very busy – even when I try to keep things free. It’s like a bowl that gets filled with things then water comes rushing in to fill every available space. I never just “have time” – I have to MAKE time.Knowing my dramatic propensity to procrastinate, I am making a plan. It involves a lot of items on a couple of spreadsheets. Every little thing is broken down into manageable steps. Every thing with a deadline. I also went and found myself an accountability coach, an individual I can report to and who will keep me on track. She is the best cheerleader, tough as nails, detail oriented, and a dear friend.

If you need an art coach:

 Sue Bleiweiss is your woman! 

I highly recommend her if you need help identifying your goals and direction, or basically anything to do with advancing your art career. She is a woman who knows how to get things done and can help you become that too. No – she didn’t ask me to tell you this. If you have questions – ask her. Or ask me. 

What are some of the things on my plan?

  • write drafts of theme.
  • sketch exhibit possibilities 
  • contact poet
  • make model
  • measure cases
  • research supplies – finished scarf blanks for cases?
  • research supplies – do I want an actual millstone for the exhibit?
  • inventory fabric
  • inventory quilts
  • dye fabric
  • order fabric
  • cut and hem organza
  • start quilt 1
  • etc…..

These are really just a very few of the things that are on my list. But each has a deadline and concrete steps. It makes for a much less panic-inducing process to see one small thing you can accomplish at a time, rather than thinking about the whole overwhelming conglomeration of tasks that must be done. I’ve made sure to schedule in the time that won’t be available while I travel or prep for classes and work on other projects that are already in the works. I’ve also promised myself to guard my time vigorously – no new projects. 

If you are working toward a solo show:

Make a plan with manageable steps.
Give each step a deadline.

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