A Solo Show in the Making: the space

January 10, 2019

What is the first thing you do when you find out your exhibit proposal has been accepted and you will be hanging a solo show in an absolutely lovely gallery space? For me it was – feel elation and panic at the exact same time! 

The second thing I do is stay awake all night long thinking and planning and having lots and lots and lots of ideas.The third thing I did was meet with the gallery director and talk through my ideas, get measurements of the space, then spend time, lots of time, sitting and being IN the space, imagining. I think the imagining, thinking, creating stuff in my head part of the process might be my favorite part of art making.

I asked for, and was granted, the cases in the hallway outside the gallery.
Because I have….. ideas! 

And because I understand things much more clearly in a visual format, I spent a lovely morning making a mock-up model of the gallery. I printed out the artwork I have currently available to scale, along with several extras just as space fillers, and went to work with more imagining and thinking and planning. This process helped me to clarify and consolidate all those ephemeral whisps of ideas into a more concrete and manageable form.

Once YOU have your solo show acceptance:

Plan Your Space

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