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A Solo Show in the Making: the entry

January 7, 2019

Hello Friends. I have something exciting in the works. I’ll be hanging a solo show of my work in July at the Town of Cary Art Center’s main gallery space. Because I am always interested in process and behind-the-scenes I thought I’d share this journey with you.

Because of a long association I have as the founder of PAQA-South and our history of hanging shows at the Page-Walker Arts and History Center, I know a few people. The director sent an email with information to disseminate to the members of PAQA-S about a quickly approaching deadline for exhibition opportunities. This time I actually read through the requirements as I sent it out and on a whim, put together my own proposal.

The only thing that made this possible is that I finally, finally, finally have ten pieces that look like they were made by the same artist. I know it sounds absolutely silly. It’s taken 25 years to get to this point.

You all look at my work and think “wow she gets so much done” when in fact, you are seeing a cumulation of years worth of work. I am NOT a prolific art maker. Prolific teacher, writer, and mother of children perhaps, but not art maker. There have been very long gaps in my actual art-making, sometimes a year or two between getting anything other than very small hand-works created. That means my head might be in a completely different space than the last time I made a piece and I might try something completely different than my last work.

Enter the present and finally –  I have photos of ten works that follow a coherent idea, that look like they were made by the same artist. The first was created in 2000. Forever ago. The most recent is currently traveling with the show Best of Dinner@8. I often have ideas the percolate for years before the time comes to jump in and often the jumping in happens on the spur of the moment… or very late at night right before the deadline! And because part of this exhibit idea is conceptual, with free hanging sheers in the center of the room, the only space that would house it well is the town’s main art gallery. I’ve thought about it for quite some time. But until I had the magic number of really good quality photos of a cohesive body of work, it wasn’t ever going to happen.

I’m over the moon excited! And pretty terrified too. I have a lot of work to get done! I’ll share the process with you as I go as part of my efforts to keep myself on track. Wish me luck friends!

And if a solo show is in your visions for your own future – start now.

1. Work in a series, even if that series isn’t actually the only work you make.

2. Take really great, high quality, photos of your work.

3. Cultivate connections. Get to know the people in your local art world.

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