Travels: Omaka Aviation Heritage Center New Zealand

February 19, 2019

Blenheim is a lovely small town, without many tourist attractions unless you really love wine country. Then you can find lots of gorgeous wineries south along the coast to explore. There is one wonderful place, the Omaka Aviation Heritage Center. I love air museums. This one is different than any I’ve been to. 

The Omaka museum houses many vintage aircraft, some still flown on a regular basis. Peter Jackson has something to do with it – you can probably google it to find out. It’s a very engaging museum full of information about aviation during wartime. 

Each aircraft is set into a vignette that tells a story. You see it in a different light when you picture it in action. There were videos playing that were fascinating near most displays.

One thing I love is that it not only tells you about the aircraft but tells the stories of the soldiers who invented, tested, flew, and often crashed in them. I can’t imagine the chutzpah of the original men and women who flew in the early days.A display about the Red Baron…

Part of Peter Jackson’s personal collection includes the actual cross from the actual red Baron’s plane. Can’t imagine how much he paid for it. Lovely that he shares it with the public.



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