Travels: World of Wearable Art (and classic car) Museum in Nelson New Zealand

February 23, 2019

The World of Wearable art is a spectacular performance (think Cirque du Soliel but it’s all about the costumes) with music and choreography and lighting effects and amazing sets that happens each year in Wellington.

It started in Nelson and this sweet town still houses the museum that shows off these spectacular pieces each year.

It’s an ART show, not a wearable fashion show. 

Some day….. I want to enter. My mind has been whirring for years with ideas that get grander and grander over time. I’m going to have to block out a minimum of six months some day just to create something to enter.

Just LOOK at that spectacular fabric manipulation.

This piece is made entirely from hemp braid.

These aren’t even close to a fraction of the photos I took.

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