stained glass clock window

Travels: Clapham’s National Clock Museum

March 25, 2019

A relaxed day at the end of a whirlwind and very long adventure is a welcome day or reprieve. Ethan and I wandered around nearby Whangarei again and visited Clapham’s National Clock Museum.

Clapham's National Clock Museum

It is always a delight to find odd little places like this, one man’s lifetime obsession with timekeeping machines, immortalized and open to the public.

Stained glass clock window

We didn’t know what to expect, and it was interesting. One of my favorite bits was a beautifully produced video of the Sexagesimal numbering system that our 12 hour clock is based on. It’s pretty cool. Look it up.

internal workings of a clock

I kind of really love the inner workings of clocks and the ingenuity and weirdness around them.

The matchstick clock.

The matchstick Grandfather clock.

A kiwi bird clock.

A Sweet little kiwi bird clock….

I grew up with a beautiful clock on the wall of my house with an interesting Gong every hour. I was born in Berlin while my dad was in the military and they purchased it in the Black Forest area. This brought back lovely memories. It’s still on the wall of my parent’s house.

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