Travels: Milford Sound New Zealand

March 3, 2019

Another morning, another long (4-5hr) bus ride. But like all other days spent traveling, this day’s scenery was magical. This time we walked ourselves up the stairs and across the street to the bus stop instead of riding a taxi up the slope.

The views out the windows were again spectacular and each quick stop held a new beauty for Ethan and I.

His tricking skills keep both of us (and usually a number of other travelers) entertained.

Through this whole trip I’ve managed to make the photos look like we had the whole country to ourselves by waiting until just the right moment to snap each shot. Inn reality there were people crawling all over the place everywhere. Turn just to the right and there were crowds jostling for the perfect shot.

Another quick stop at the mirror lakes… ten minutes to walk a quick boardwalk with a thousand other tourists.

It’s a beautiful, wet, mossy place. Very much worth stopping for no matter how many people you share it with.

As you approach the Milford Sound entrance there is a one way tunnel. We had the red light so there was enough time to stop and get out. Ethan had an up close encounter with a Kia – a native parrot-like bird that is the embodiment of a trickster.

Then on into the sound and onto our ship. I’ll just make a quick comment here – a rain jacket and quick-dry pants (thanks for the tip Judy!!!) are the most useful items you can pack in New Zealand. It was a chilly rainy day. But we had no trouble with it at all.

Our ride for the next several hours.

The Fiords are unbelievably magestic. We honey got hints of their magnitude through the fog and rain. They truly make a person feel small compared to the grandeur and beauty of this landscape. The top of the frame was by no means the top of each peak.

Never worry if the weather isn’t sunny and bright in New Zealand. Pull out your rain jacket because there is wonder and magic to behold. In this case, the beauty is in the mystery.

Most people only came out on deck when we were told we were coming right up to nose into a waterfall. Some never came outside at all. I think they didn’t have rain jackets or might have been sea sick.

Ethan and I spent the majority of our time out in the rain and wind because it was all too beautiful to miss. And we had excellent rain jackets. Tip: pack an excellent rain jacket when visiting New Zealand.

You don’t see the entire fiord laced with spectacular waterfalls when the weather is clear. I feel we were lucky.

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    Jenny C
    March 3, 2019 at 1:15 pm

    My backyard! Definitely better waterfalls in Milford when it’s been raining. Am so glad you both enjoyed the visit to this most beautiful part of he world (yes I am biased!). Just a wee note, the bird name is spelt kea. Is named for the call/cry they make. Cheeky parrots they are!

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