river rafting in rotorua

Travels: Okere Falls rafting near Rotorua New Zealand

March 12, 2019

When I booked this adventure I took one look at the pictures and my first thought was, well it’s at the end of the trip so if I die only one group will be mad at me. I think because I was traveling with a 19 year old adventurous young man, I did more adventurous things than I would have otherwise.

The Kaituna river is breathtakingly gorgeous.

It is formed from lava tubes rather than through surface erosion so most of the time you are surrounded by rock walls overhung with New Zealand’s gorgeous flora. It isn’t full of boulders, just a series of chutes/waterfalls to slide over. No problem right?

I’m in the back right, green helmet.

7 meters straight down = 22+ feet

Yup. I did that.
Stayed in the raft too. By sheer luck of being in the right seat.

And this is me being cocky as Ethan and I go in for what they call the “sinus rinse.”

And here is the moment the river reached up into my nose and said, “gotcha fool!”

We laughed SOOOO hard when we saw this picture. I was almost done choking by then.
Check out the hairdo!

Kaituna Cascades is a rafting company I can highly recommend.
Put this activity on your MUST do list!


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