Travels: Te Anau’s glow worm caves, New Zealand

March 4, 2019

Thought it would be fun to show you how far we traveled through the South Island.
This is just the tip of it.

Instead of heading back up to Queenstown we stayed in Te Anau, next to another gorgeous lake, for an evening tour of the glow worm caves.

A lovely lake ride out to the caves.

The cave itself was gorgeous – with a rapid little creek carving it’s way through the stone.

We sat silently in the dark on little dinghies while the guide pulled us along via chains secured to the roof. It was far better than Disney World. I promise!

Our evening ride back to town was timed for a perfect sunset.

Next morning we caught a quick breakfast.
Word to the wise…. when in England or a former colony of hers, “pie” means savory meat filled pie. Not desert.

Then a hike to the bus stop. I was SO glad Ethan was such a sweet young man and carried or pulled my luggage much of the way.


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