Travels: Whangerei New Zealand

March 15, 2019

In Whangarei, which is north of Auckland, I spent a day teaching, then lecturing for the lovely quilters there. Class was held in a clubhouse for cruisers. I didn’t realize I was over the water until I took a little walk at lunchtime.

There were huge windows overlooking the docks. I had to concentrate to keep my attention on the students instead of the paddle boarders and boats sailing past.

This was right out the window to one side.

So many lovely colors and forms.

For dinner the lovely quilters and I went into a lovely part of town on the waterfront called the Basin and took a second to check out the little structure built in the style of Hundertwasser so the town could get approval from his family to build an entire museum in the style of his work.

The museum is under construction now and the plants look wonderful.

I think the whole place is a haven for anyone who loves boats. Our amazing hosts, Kerry and Bob, live just south in One Tree Point live right on the water and are in the process of retiring and building their own little sail ship so they can spend more time ON the water, as well as right there next to it.

Ethan and I spend lovely time exploring the sand when the tide was out,

and just breathing.

And looking.

Color? Shape?

Line, Texture!


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