Abstract-A-Licious student work

Abstract-A-Licious Student Spotlight

April 16, 2019

I recently taught at the Gulf States Quilt Associations’ biennial seminar down near new Orleans. As always – it was great fun. I honestly think there must be some sneaky little person who weeds out all the bad students when people enroll for my classes because I only get the best ones!

Abstract-A-Licious student work

Each of these student works were created entirely from the creator’s mind. No pattern or preconceived ideas before they come into class.

Abstract-A-Licious student work

All morning long students work on design exercises that are easy, concrete, and perfect for beginners or confident creators alike. Each of the exercises teaches a little bit about the elements of art and helps students to spill out idea after idea after spark of idea.

Abstract-A-Licious student work

None of those ideas are complete. They are seeds that need nurture in order to grow. In the afternoon we choose one of those ideas and create a study, a working sample so that we can work together through the design process.

Abstract-A-Licious student work

I’m always wonderfully happy to see what people create. There are so many great designs. They are STUDIES, not finished works. I call them that because the most important thing we do in class is LEARN. We learn design exercises, the design process, and especially skills that help them to analyze a composition .

If you are interested in learning the same things, check out my schedule here, or the Abstract-A-Licious course online. (Next scheduled course begins September 9, 2019.)

abstract-a-licious online

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    July 3, 2019 at 4:51 pm

    How do I open my classes

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