Playful Portraiture, Making Faces Student Spotlight

April 18, 2019

I thought I’d show you some of the student work from the Gulf States Quilt Association’s seminar a few weeks ago. Playful Portraiture, Making Faces is a fun class that teaches students how to create appliqué patterns from photos.


But before we start working with real photos and the fusible appliqué process, I teach a few easy tricks for how to make faces and then we …. MAKE FACES!

Playful Portraiture Making Faces

We just grab scraps, scissors and a glue stick and create cartoon faces. Pretty cool eh? Later in the class we work with photos and make more realistic looking patterns, then make funny, funky, faces.

Playful Portraiture Making Faces taught by  Lyric Kinard

And then there is the after class, playing with the other teachers. It’s another one of the amazing perks of being a traveling textile teacher. Shout out to Nina Clotfelther, Bonnie Hunter, Gudrun Erla, and Nancy Mahoney. (Mischief Managed, my friends!!!)

quilt teachers at the gulf states quilting seminar
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