Photographing Quilts

Showing Your Work: photography

June 14, 2019

My good and very talented friend, Sue Bleiweiss has just published an ebook that I think you will find very useful.
Photographing Quilts

Get all my tips, hints and techniques for taking and editing your photos for websites, social media and calls for art in one downloadable pdf document!

I can’t stress how important it is to have a clear, sharp, in focus photograph of your quilt when you are submitting your work to a call for entry.  When a juror is reviewing the work submitted to a call the only visual representation that have your quilt is the photo you submitted.  They don’t get to see the work in person first so they must use your photograph to determine whether or not your work is a good fit for the exhibit.  When they are sifting through hundreds and hundreds of submissions and come across one that is photographed badly they may immediately reject the work.  Harsh? maybe, but if the juror can’t get a good impression of your piece from the photograph you submitted then chances are no matter how well your supporting artist statement is and how good a fit your pieces is for the theme of the exhibit it will get rejected. 


You can buy it here:

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