This is what Traveling Teachers do!

October 7, 2019

I’ve got 8 classes and 3 lectures to give this month. Time to get busy. I think many students have no idea how much time it takes to get ready for teaching a class on the road.

Day 1: Dye 40 yards of fabric for kits.

Day 2:Buy several bolts of cloth and a shop worth of beads.

Day 3-5: Make 120 Bead It Like You Mean It kits.

Day 6: Print off, collate, staple, 160 handouts.

Day 6 continued: Inventory current supplies. Pack and ship three boxes ahead. Contact destination to inform them of delivery dates. Find volunteer to pick up sundry items such as paper towels and plates, freezer and parchment paper, etc.

Day 7: Start pulling out suitcases to see how much will fit within the weight limit. Print off invoices. Choose what merchandise to take. Print off newsletter signup sheets. Discover I am almost out of online class advertisement postcards. Order three different boxes of supplies from two suppliers going to three different locations.

Still to do: Finish making kits for three different classes that will go in the suitcase with me. Pull out merchandise and AV equipment. Pull out quilts to pack along with me. Laundry? Who needs laundry!

All this is happening while I have major construction going on in the house (all of our plumbing pipes are being replaced), getting two kids where they need to be and making sure their homework is done, sending off one kid for 10 months with Americorp in two days, teaching three online courses.


Yes. Yes I am.

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    Patti Maxwell
    October 8, 2019 at 10:46 pm

    I’m exhausted just reading your post. Good luck!

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