lyric kinard seamstress cosplay steampunk seamstress costume

Seamstress: a jingle-thimble-bandolier

December 22, 2019

Because who doesn’t need a chain string of vintage thimbles that make lovely tinkling jingle sounds every time you move, right?

lyric kinard steamstress cosplay steampunk seamstress costume

Seriously – I had way too much fun on eBay when I decided to get started on this costume. I purchased several lots of antique thimbles. My apologies to antiquers who cringe at what I’ve done to destroy whatever value these had.

lyric kinard steamstress cosplay steampunk seamstress costume

More necklaces from the thrift shop were taken apart and I spent a lovely evening putting this together.

lyric kinard steamstress cosplay steampunk seamstress costume

What I didn’t expect until I actually started walking around wearing the costume, was the absolutely enchanting sound they make as they clink together. I wish I had a sound recording for you.

I loved wearing this!!! Too much fun for an old lady like me to be able to dress up and play around for a day.

I’ve loved creating this and have lots of ideas for what’s next.

lyric kinard steamstress cosplay steampunk seamstress costume

1 -Overdye the blouse so it’s more red.

2 -Paint the boots so they are less orange. They are really barely holding it together so they will end up being costume-only boots. The heels have come off – I used shoe-goop to glue them back together. Holes through the soles – I bough tstick-on, non-skid things for the soles of shoes and they held up great! Half of the adorable buttons up the sides have come off but I’ve filled the empty spots with hot glue and painted over them. Nobody would know!

3 -Work on the new tophat and put even more steampunky things on it. I just bought a vintage jewelers magnifying glass that I think will look great.

4 -What else do you think it needs? Giant boot sheaths for huge scissors?

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