The Maker’s Yearbook Review

December 27, 2019

At the beginning of December I made an impulse purchase. I think I might have been scrolling Instagram. I’m telling you friends – Instagram marketing works. Videos showing you the inside of the book work. I really need to learn how to market on Instagram – which means I really need to get better at styling my products for photography. Although – does she really have a cup of coffee sit-in non a furry blanket there? Do any of you do that?

The Maker’s Yearbook

I must have gone back to it three or four times and finally took a good look and then took the plunge. I didn’t spring for the hard copy, just the PDF files since I wanted it…. NOW! and it would ship from England. Not cheap. $24 USD for the PDF print at home planner. 

I’m telling you – this planner has already been WORTH. EVERY. PENNY!!!

It is a book that asks you questions to analyze what you have done with your business over the past year (and month) and then helps you plan for the next year/month going forward. The first chapter alone set me off with questions that I think about for  second once in a while but really got interested in. the only way I could answer some of them was to finish out my accounting for the year. Understand this – I love/hate accounting with a passion. I usually wait until the last minute before taxes than scramble and do the whole year’s worth. It’s a terrible system. It does not work well. 

These questions however were so  interesting to me that I spent a full week and a half drilling down into the numbers. I even pulled out my taxes for the past ten years and created a spreadsheet to compare all of them and see how my business has grown – or not. I parsed out all the numbers for my sales. Then I figured out how much of my sales came from live and how much from my online shop. Then I figured out what percentage of my income came from teaching live vs. online. You get the picture. Nicola Taylor – you have performed a miracle.

The Year in Review Section:
Highs and Lows: Proudest Moments, Toughest Lessons, A-Ha moments, Strengths and Weaknesses
Business + Life review: questions about work life balance
Sales + Profits: These questions really sent me off into the numbers
Customers + Followers
Product Range
Shops + Galleries
Craft Fairs + Art Markets: (which I used to track my live teaching gigs.)
Planning Forward Section:
Dreams, Why do I want to do this, Biggest steps toward goals, Vision planning,
Lots of growth strategy planning
Most Important Goal,steps, time for yourself, financials


Just for reference and comparison… this is my previous “planner.” Actually more of a “thinking” book. No real organization to speak of but that’s how my brain works. Take a look below at my actual Calendar. And this is what is on there for my “month off.”  Hmmmm. Maybe all the numbers were interesting because I actually had a month off and time to just think about these things. I think November and December need to always be “months off.”

Whatever. I’m SURE that I will continue to use both my Thinking Book and my mobile calendar to keep myself functioning, but I am adding in The Maker’s Yearbook for sure! Let me know if you end up getting one and think it’s helpful. What would you add to it?

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    Patti Maxwell
    January 5, 2020 at 9:08 pm

    Perfectly you! Congratulations!

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