lyric kinard seamstress steampunk costume

The Steamstress: jacket

December 20, 2019

November in North Carolina can be either lovely or cold. The weekend we were going to be spending the day outside at the RenFair was going to be brrrrrr – cold. So I decided a jacket was needed and I didn’t have time to make the one in my head from scratch. Instead of taking a day to figure it out, I stopped by the thrift shop on my way back from somewere else.

I got super lucky. I found a blouse to wear with ruffles at the neck – totally 80’s. The sweet woman at the counter said she thought it would be very pretty under a suit coat. Yes. From the 80’s. Perfect for a sort-of victorian look even if it is too much magenta  while I’m going for more of a red theme. I’m going to try overdying it with yellow RIT to see if I can warm it up. 

lyric kinard seamstress costume steampunk seamstress

The real score was a buttery soft leather jacket. It fit me very nicely. A little too nicely. Nicer than the leather coat that I’ve (ahem) grown out of a bit. I thought of cutting up that one instead and keeping this one for every day but my current “real” jacket has a zipper and I needed a different style for the costume. Seriously – this was NICE leather!  I had a hard time just cutting into it but eventually held my breath and whacked away. Makes it easier when I only paid $20 for it.

I cut a bias strip and bound the edges then while I was working on the other accessories I thought about what to do for a closure.

lyric kinard seamstress costume steampunk seamstress

At the thrift shop I also picked up a big bunch of chain jewelry, belts, and other oddments. One of the chains got taken apart and is now a “thingy” that I can clip things onto. Wait until you see what I clip onto it. It’s my favorite thing… EVER!!!

lyric kinard seamstress costume steampunk seamstress
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    Patti Maxwell
    January 5, 2020 at 8:57 pm

    *SQUEAL* Fantastic!

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